Thurs -1/10: Tired of hearing about our corrupt president? Some positive things to do instead…

Action #1- Today, Thurs 1/10, sign up for a volunteer information webinar for 12 noon.

This webinar describes what is happening now and how to volunteer at the U.S.-Mexico border to help protect asylum seekers’ rights.  With Al Lado Otro border organizers and 2 lawyers who have volunteered in Tijuana. Login at 12noon on Thursday here.

Other volunteer and donation opportunities here and here.

Action #2 – Knowledge is power. This Sunday, 1/13, come listen to Professor-Activist Ruth Capelle speak on immigration from Central America. 


Facebook link here.

At 2:00-3:30pm, at  2126 Knoll Dr., Ventura 93003. Professor-Activist Ruth Capelle will speak on immigration from Central America. Hosted by the Democratic Club of Ventura.  (You do not have to be a member to attend.)

She is a retired Professor of Art History and a historian with expertise in Central American art and culture, Prof. Capelle will begin a discussion on the ROOT CAUSES of immigration from Central America with a focus on El Salvador.  She worked in El Salvador to assist repopulations in the war zones during the Civil War from 1980-1992.  She is fluent in Spanish and brings her technical archival research skills to inform us about the background of the current history of Central America.  She served 10 years from 1984 to 1994 on the Board of Directors of the Central American Resource Center (CARECEN) and has returned as a member of a delegation to assist in the Peace Accords.

Action #3-  What’s happening now is not an aberration. More knowledge resouces to review and share. 

A. Watch this great 5-minute video here for a quick overview of why people from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras have continued to come here. (It’s “covered” because there are pictures of bodies. It is less “graphic” than our current nightly news.)


B. Our cheap bananas were only the beginning. Corporate subjugation of these countries continues. (guardian)

C. Here’s a slightly deeper dive with references. (Indivisibleventura)



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