Tues – 1/8: Broadcasters – make this happen!

Action #1 – Email/call the major broadcasters and tell them to back out of any deals to broadcast Trump’s speech tonight. 

It wouldn’t be the first time that broadcasters refused to air a Presidential speech. It comes as no surprise that it was President Obama’s 2014 speech on immigration that was considered too partisan to air. Although NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX, MSNBC, and PBS  all said on Monday that they had agreed to the White House’s request for air time, let’s tell them to reconsider. Even “allowing” Democrats equal time will not fix the damage his lies will cause. If the press aren’t actually the “enemies of the people” as Trump keeps stating, then they must act as agents for the protection of truth, even at risk of ratings and profits to themselves. That’s what heroes do.

Possible script: Don’t broadcast Trump’s speech tonight. Don’t actually become an actual “enemy of the people. Trump has consistently lied about immigration and demonized immigrants in his attempt to build a racist, wasteful wall. He’s now asked for national airtime to rile up his base, spew his racism and propaganda, and argue for this wall. Don’t give free airtime to his partisan hateful lies. Refuse to air his speech. Be the bulwark against fascism a free press is supposed to be.

Action #2 – Sign this MoveOn petition!

Sign here to send a message to the broadcasters.

Action #3 – If the broadcast happens, boycott it!

At 6:00 pm tonight or whenever they re-broadcast it, watch Marie Kondo show you how to re-order your sock drawer. Pull those clothes off your exercise bike and use it. Start the book you’ve been promising yourself to read. Do something else. Deny them ratings.


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