Fri – 11/2: What you can do this weekend.

Why we need EVERYONE to canvass…

  • No, not just extroverts who love knocking on doors and talking to people.
  • No, not just expert canvassers. 
  • No, not just political wonks who know the argument for everything.


Steve Knight, (R-CA 25) a Trump-clone, won his race last time when there were more Democrats than Republicans in his district!

Hmmm….that’s not right…

We need to convince people that their votes are important in protecting themselves and their families – health care, social security, Medicare, Medicaid, education, the environment and climate change, immigration policy, net neutrality, LGBTQ+ and civil rights are all on the chopping block.

There are 435 district representatives in the House of Representatives.  Democrats need to swing 24 of them from Republican to Democratic in 2018 to regain control of the House.  Five–count ’em, five–of the districts considered most likely to swing are in SoCal.  Canvassing and registering new voters in those specific districts makes a huge impact.


Opportunities THIS WEEKEND!

Canvass in Santa Clarita for Katie Hill (CA-25): here  or here.

Canvass in Simi for Katie Hill (CA-25): here

Canvass for CA-24 (Salud Carbajal), CA-1 (Denney), CA-4 (Morse), CA-7 (Ami Bera), CA-10 (Harder), CA-21 (Cox), CA-22 (Janz) here.

Canvass for CA-25 (Hill), CA-39 (Cisneros), CA-42 (Peacock), CA-45 (Porter), CA-49 (Levin), CA-50 (Campa-Najjar) and beyond here.

Canvass for CA-21 (Cox), CA-22 (Janz), CA-23 (Matta) and more Central Valley events here.

Need more instruction on canvassing to feel confident to try this?

Go here.  Remember, you’re not alone if you’ve never canvassed before. You will be partnered up with someone more experienced and you’ll have a script you can refer to. Once you get the hang of it, it’s actually weirdly fun, even for introverts.

Need some inspiration on what to say to people who don’t think their vote is important?

Need some inspiration?


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