Fri 9/7: Get ready for the Climate March tomorrow. Dress like fire.

Facebook link. RSVP link. Host’s website link.

Please join RISE VENTURA at the beach near the parking garage and pier at 2:00. Here, we will spell out VOTE for a photo op before we march up to City Hall. The march will end behind City Hall in the parking lot, where we will spell out RISE and send up a drone to capture the image with the Botanical Gardens behind us.

Bring your signs and your spirit! Also, bring hats, sunscreen, and water. (Free refills will be available at the end of the march.)

We will have several extra signs as well as some sign-making materials for those who need them.

Participants are encouraged to wear yellow, orange, or red to the event.

PLEASE RSVP so that we know how many people are coming AND invite your friends and family! Hope to see you there! Remember, to change everything, it takes everyone!

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