Citizenship Fair and more! Last week in Ventura Strong, Ventura Kind…

There’s been so much for the resistance in our area to do recently and so many ways to do it. Join in! See what’s happening this week and for Black History Month. It makes a difference!


Thanks to all who went joined CFROG (Citizens For Responsible Gas and Oil) at the Environment Rally on Feb. 3rd! Check out their next activity!



Thanks to all who traveled yesterday to Palmdale to join together into a 400+ canvass/registering team to knock #KnightOut and  #FlipThe25th! Come join us as Indivisible Ventura and other local resistance groups make the short trip south for future registering and canvassing efforts. Training is always provided and no previous experience is necessary. First-timers are paired with experienced canvassers. It’s actually fun, and we learn a lot.




Indivisible Ventura, Indivisible Ojai Valley, CAUSE and other community groups joined sponsor SEIU at the Feb. 3rd Citizenship Fair in Oxnard, helping green card holders get one step closer to being American citizens…and voters! Over 100 participants and volunteers filled the Cesar E. Chavez Elementary School cafeteria helping dozens of legal permanent residents complete their N-400 forms. Families from cities across Ventura County were also able to receive free legal evaluations from immigration attorneys on-hand.

County Supervisor John Zaragoza came to chat with the volunteers and participants.


Then, it was heads-down, as we all worked through the 20-page documents that hold a critical place in an immigrant’s road to citizenship. It’s truly one of the greatest volunteer jobs ever, and there will be more opportunities to help, if you missed this one. No, you don’t need to be able to speak Spanish, but Spanish-speaking volunteers are incredibly helpful. The next Fair is 3/17 and then 5/22. We’ll publicize the next training event if you haven’t gone through one already, and if you know a green-card holder who’s eligible for the next step, this is a great way to take it.




at fair.png


Ventura community leaders along with local organizations came together Saturday night and put on a benefit festival to help raise money for victims of the Thomas Fire.

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