Thursday Resistance – Come join us!

It is a Pizza Party and Postcard Party all in one fun package! Yippee!!

2 campaigns = 1 party! Meet us at Santino’s in Ventura, TODAY, Thursday, January 25th.
(Facebook link here)

We will flip District 25, help a progressive candidate in Pennsylvania and have fun while doing it!  

#1 – Steve Knight:
We will hand write some little mementos for Republican Rep. Knight — postcards of congratulations on his retirement from Congress. Tick-tock, time is up Mr. Knight, please leave congress, and give us a vacancy to fill with our progressive candidate!

Let’s hope we are as successful as the group who helped Rep. Issa decide not to run for re-election in Orange County. Following their good example, we will also hold a Retirement Party for Knight at his office in Simi Valley on Saturday, Jan 27th. After we will celebrate at Chuys. (For details related event post at


#2 – Conor Lamb:
The other campaign is for Conor Lamb, a Democratic congressional candidate from PA. ( Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District covers parts of four counties. He is a former Marine and federal prosecutor from a well-known political family. He is strong on working family policies, solid on healthcare and other progressive values.

Come join us!
Stamp donations would be gratefully accepted.

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