Ready. Aim. Don’t Spend.

Most of us are not wealthy people. That doesn’t matter.

We give small amounts of money to charities every year, confident that our contribution, added to thousands of others, will be enough to do good work. We talked about giving to some great organizations, whose success will help America restore its better self.

What we may not be as aware of is that our small purchases, for goods and services, when combined with millions of others, are financing a reign of hate speech that has changed our country for the worse. Back on 8/16, we talked about the influence of media on viewers, and how that has translated into the ballot box.

Since then, the right-wing media’s twisting of American thought is becoming increasingly brazen, using terrifying political terminology that no one would touch before. Fox News host Jesse Watters actually told viewers that we may “have a coup on our hands in America.”

We can stop this. There are a lot of us.

(from MoveOn)
“Fox News…This propaganda mill masquerading as a news organization is a root cause of the divisiveness in our country. It seeks to undermine legitimate journalism.It has profoundly impacted elections and the entire political process. Advertisers are completely vulnerable to financial pressure.Rupert Murdoch is not fit to lead an international empire of supposed news gathering. His agenda is to thwart and attack legitimate news gathering which is vital to the Democratic process. Boycotts work. This is a publicly traded company trafficking in hate, misinformation, and propaganda. It is past time to fight this criminal enterprise”.

Boycotts do work. We have the power.

We’re already flexing this power. Breitbart lost 90% of it’s advertisers due to actions of people like you and me, forcing it’s mega-rich donors to divert more money to keeping it afloat. Oh, wait a minute, one of them is leaving too. Dogpile on, everyone.

So let’s make Sean Hannity too toxic to keep around.

President Trump has made this conspiracy nut and all-around angry person an honorary advisor and spokesperson. However,  11 sponsors have already dropped Hannity after his defense of Roy Moore, including Hebrew National, Reddi Wip, Hubble Contacts, Volvo, 23andMe, Nature’s Bounty, Keurig, and Let’s continue the work.


Here are Hannity‘s recent primary advertisers (Current as of 1.2.18). Find the companies that interact with your life and put them on notice.

Here’s a convenient list of phone #’s, twitter and email contacts for them.

Then let’s go to FOX News itself and make it clean up its act.

#GrabyourWallet has put together this great list, complete with contacts.

Some scripts…

Suggested wording from #GrabyourWallet and others…

“Hi. I’m a customer of [Company Name]. Unfortunately I can no longer do business with your company because it advertises on Fox News and/or The Sean Hannity Show. If your company were to make a statement indicating that it has no plans to purchase advertising on Fox News and/or The Sean Hannity Show in 2018, I would enthusiastically return as a customer. Please communicate my feedback to management.”

“This message is to let you know that until Fox News discontinues unfair practices of blurring partisan political opinion with news and calling it “Fair And Balanced”, I will avoid buying products from sponsors of its shows. I have noticed your products advertised on this network. Please let me know if your company plans to continue this controversial support of this unethical practice through advertisements on this network or if I could consider to purchase your products again.”

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