Sanity-Saving good news – “There is a moral movement rising” – Edition

People are standing together and becoming more powerful.

“If statues come down, racism can still be up.”  Reverend William J. Barber sets the record straight on systemic racism and white supremacy in America.

“The death of that young girl traumatizes me and the nation. You cannot push back against that with just every now an then having a rally. You have to have a long-term movement that names the issues, and then challenges them with a deep moral argument, not just a political argument.

There is a moral movement rising in this country that is saying, “Dr. King is dead. Fannie

Lou Hamer is dead. Rabbi Heschel is dead. Dorothy Day is dead. Harriet Tubman is dead. Elizabeth Cady Stanton is dead, Frederick Douglass is dead.

But we are their children, and it is time – now – for us to raise our moral dissent.

It is time for us to believe in our moral dreams.

And it is time for us to be the moral defibrillators that revive the heart of this country.”

We’re up for this. We’ve done some amazing things already.

Yes, there’s even some Good News in the fight against Cassidy Graham’s savaging of our health care – thanks to all of you.

Indivisibles in blue states (and DC!) dialed more than 141,000 times using this Calls to Kill TrumpCare tool to encourage constituents in Alaska, Arizona, Maine, and Colorado to call their Republican senators. That’s over 27,000 minutes of call time!

People visited our resources, call scripts, and contact information to put pressure on their senators over 156,000 times. One. Hundred. And. Fifty. Six. Thousand. Times.

Concerned citizens registered 136 events across the nation at congressional district offices over the course of the week to continue pressuring your members of Congress and for Monday’s National Day of Action to #KillTheBill.

Even insurance companies aren’t thrilled with Cassidy-Graham’s little plan to destroy health care. Maybe it’s that inherent death-spiral thing…

Senator Bill Cassidy apparently forgot to run this nightmare past his own state’s Secretary of Health. LA’s Secretary of Health uses her platform to speak out against Sen. Cassidy’s bill.

The needle is moving. The majority of Americans now support some form of single payer.

Can we relax now? No.

The Koch Brothers just threatened their employees (the GOP) that the money is turn off if they don’t produce an Obamacare killer and a tax  bill that benefits the wealthy at our expense.

So, this is it. We have just a week (7 days!) to kill TrumpCare for good.

Please, call your senators every. single. day. We’ve updated with resources, staffers’ contact information, and we post new call scripts daily.

After you call your senators, use our peer-to-peer calling tool to reach out to constituents in key red states. It’s easy. We promise. All you do is let fellow progressives know how important their voice is in this debate (we give you a script!), and immediately patch them through to their senator. Once you sign up, you can keep making phone calls day after day.

We’ve won this before. And we can win this again — but it’s going to take one final push to get us over the finish line.

Thank these people for having some spine.

Thank Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) for using his conscience to oppose Graham-Cassidy. I appreciate your advocating (once again) for bipartisanship and democratic principles in deciding the fate of health care in our country. Thank you for your courageous leadership. Name, state, party.

Address: 218 Russell Senate Office Building, Washington, DC 20510

Thank Sens. Susan Collins (R-ME) and Bill Nelson (D-FL) for working together to improve the ACA. Bipartisan collaboration is challenging in this contentious environment, so I appreciate your efforts to prioritize the American people over political differences. Name, state, party.

Address (SC): 413 Dirksen Senate Office Building, Washington, DC 20510
Address (BN): 716 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington, DC 20510

Thank Jimmy Kimmel for using his position and influence to spotlight the healthcare crises so many Americans face and for challenging our elected officials to do better. Even though you didn’t have to, I’m glad you did. Thank you.

Address: 6834 Hollywood Blvd., Suite 600, Los Angeles, CA 90028-6135

The Resistance is alright.

We’re seeing a tilt away from single-issue politics toward multi-issue coalition building.

You’ve actually making Republicans retire. Frustrated with constituent pressure, a growing number of GOP lawmakers have said they won’t seek reelection in 2018.


The young husband-wife team who started Indivisible ( were just anointed #2 spot in top 50 Most Influential Visionaries transforming American politics. #1 was Bannon.


“Bottom line, constituent power works,” Levin says. “Our task now is to ensure people keep building their local groups … so that they can continue changing what’s politically possible at the national level.”

Unmitigated arrogance and corruption watch.

Mueller’s investigation is focusing on the president with increasing scrutiny.

Facebook gives it up.

We like loud lawyers and we cannot lie…

Sec Price will have to  stop taking chartered flights due to pushback, pending inquiry.

An ever-growing list of businesses and charities are moving their upcoming events away from properties owned by the current president. Read more about how these cancellations are impacting Trump businesses here
A partial list of cancellations: the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army, the American Cancer Society, American Friends of Magen David Adom, Leaders in Furthering Education, the Palm Beach Zoo, the Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach, and the Autism Project of Palm Beach County.


Michael J. Sullivan, director of the Massachusetts Office of Campaign and Political Finance, led an investigation into the financial operations of a pro-charter school group that funded a campaign to pass an ballot initiative which would have allowed as many as 12 new charter schools to open every year in Massachusetts. His investigation revealed the dark money and gross violations of campaign finance law, and yesterday, the group was fined nearly $500k. Read more about the issue here, and then thank Sullivan for his dedication. More folks should follow his lead.

Michael J. Sullivan
Office of Campaign and Political Finance
John W. McCormack Building
One Ashburton Place, Room 411
Boston, MA 02108

Good News in Immigration!

A federal judge ruled that Jeff Sessions can’t block sanctuary cities from receiving federal funding.

California passed a “sanctuary state” bill which bans law enforcement from working with ICE in most cases.

The Teamsters Joint Council 16 has become a sanctuary union, citing the deportation of a member as a “wakeup call.”


Rhode Islanders raised enough to pay DACA $495 renewal fee for all RI residents.

Three members of Congress proved that they were as brave as their constituents. They were arrested in Make the Road’s latest demonstration supporting a clean DREAM act. Democratic Reps. Luis Gutierrez of Illinois, Raul Grijalva of Arizona and Adriano Espaillat of New York were arrested on civil disobedience charges along with the speaker of the New York City Council, Melissa Mark-Viverito, and six others, according to lawmakers’ offices and Robin Levine, the spokeswoman with Mark-Viverito’s office.


At least five lawsuits are in progress to defend Dreamers.


The US will be receiving 50 refugees through Australia agreement.


Study away, Mr. President!

New York’s governor signed an executive order prohibiting police from asking about people’s immigration status in most cases.

This almost makes you believe there’s some karma in this world. A Trump supporter tried to get a classmate deported. He gets expelled gets expelled from school instead.

Good News in Justice for all!

Wichita police apologize for detaining Muslim family while banking.

Transgender individuals can continue to serve in the military (for now). They will be allowed to re-enlist and continue receiving medical care. (This may change if Trump’s ban goes into effect, but this bipartisan bill, which would block the ban entirely, is gaining momentum.)

After the cop who killed Anthony Lamar Smith was acquitted, thousands of people showed up in solidarity with Smith and his family—and continued showing up for several days. And the only synagogue in St. Louis gave shelter, food, and water to protesters escaping police violence.

anthony lamar

After the University of Virginia’s president unfairly criticized Black Lives Matter protesters, we’re pleased to see the school stepping up to help pay medical bills for people injured by white supremacists.

We missed this when it happened, but Oregon recently passed a new law allowing judges to stop people at risk of shooting themselves or others from accessing guns.

An alt-right rally in D.C. only drew a small handful of people  and was upstaged by the Juggalo march. Oh, where is Spicey to explain crowd size when you need him.

mother of all rallies

College Park, Maryland granted undocumented immigrants and other non-citizens voting rights in local elections.

Good News for women!

Jenna Bush Hager cancelled speaking engagement for anti-abortion clinic fundraiser.

A courageous doctor is providing free abortion care to women affected by Harvey.
This is what bravery looks like.


Good News for kids!

There were a lot of firsts at the Emmy Awards. While many are still buzzing about Lena Waithe and Donald Glover’s history-making wins — Waithe is the first black woman to win an award for comedy writing while Glover is the first black person to win best director for a comedy series — an unlikely winner also emerged during the show: Washington, D.C.’s public schools.

The Eagles’ Chris Long Is donating six game checks to fund scholarships in Charlottesville

An 8 year old bullied for her love of bugs just got her first scientific publication.


Weird good news. Orrin Hatch?! Really?

“High time” for medical marijuana research: Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) put out an impressively pun-filled announcement on a new bill to improve the process of running medical marijuana research, calling it a “joint measure” that’ll allow scientists to delve “into the weeds” on dosing, effectiveness, and safety of medical marijuana. “To be blunt, we need to remove the administrative barriers preventing legitimate research into medical marijuana,” he says.

Good News for the Environment!

Total made a move towards renewables. The French oil giant secured a 23% stake in renewable-energy firm Eren for €237 million ($284 million) with the option to take it over completely. It also bought Greenflex, a French energy-efficiency company, as part of its expansion into solar and wind power.

Three US governors meet at UN General Assembly to discuss climate solutions.

Pentagon Moves Ahead With Obama-Era Climate Preparation Plan Despite Trump’s Orders

Forget Trump. The U.S. Storms Ahead on Climate Change Like Never Before.

Energy Sec. Perry’s study failed to prove coal energy slump was fault of renewables.

Funding worldwide climate collaboration passed in committee thanks to bipartisan effort.

A new material that throws heat into space coud soon reinvent air-conditioning.

US House approved $300M in Great Lakes restoration funds.

African wild dogs vote … with their noses


Plant behavior study shows evidence of memory

Fox squirrels show remarkable organization of food cachesGood news break:

A Gharial (highly endangered crocodile) breeding program finally shows success (after 30 years)!

Check out the USFWS’s urban outreach program for city kids




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