Oppose Tax Cuts for the Rich and Corporations. No more blood from us stones…

Script: I’m calling from [zip code] to ask Sen. [___] to vote NO to any budget proposal that makes cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, public education and other services. Tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations at the expense of hard working families is unacceptable.

Additional  Script if you want it: I specifically want Sen. [___] to vote against the following:
– any new tax cuts, deductions, or lowering of tax rates for the wealthy and corporations.
– any removals or reductions of tax deductions for the working and middle class.
– the continuation of tax loopholes for national and multi-national corporations, including tax havens and misleading subsidiaries.
– a repeal of the Estate Tax, Alternative Minimum Tax, and the ACA Tax on high-income earners, which affect only the very wealthy.

Senator Feinstein:  DC (202) 224-3841, LA (310) 914-7300, SF (415) 393-0707, SD (619) 231-9712, Fresno (559) 485-7430

Senator Harris:  DC (202) 224-3553, LA (213) 894-5000, SAC (916) 448-2787, Fresno (559) 497-5109, SF (415) 355-9041, SD (619) 239-3884

Other Senator Contacts:   http://www.phoneyourrep.com

More info:
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Disclosing the Costs of Corporate Welfare ( prospect.org)

When they talk about how our corporate tax rates aren’t competitive with the rest of the world, share this… (https://stats.oecd.org)


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