Trump kicks a hornet’s nest…

“The former CEO of that exchange, Counihan, told Politico that the cessation of ads and outreach “will clearly have a material impact” on the volume of sign-ups on the (ACA) marketplace.”(cnbc)

Action #1

OK, everyone. Sign up for this!

We need to use the power of Indivisible to protect health care for our neighbors, our friends and ourselves.

How powerful are we now?

According to, our movement is growing.

  • The Indivisible Guide has been viewed or downloaded over 2 million times
  • People from across the country have searched for a group, meeting, or event over 3 million times
  • 5,800 groups have registered (at least 2 in every congressional district in the nation!)
  • has been viewed over 18 million times by over 3 million unique users from every state

Action #2

  • Start planning within your groups how to get the word out for people to sign up in the diminished open period. (Our group is joining with neighboring groups for a health symposium on Oct. 21st.) The national group will also be putting out more instructions and suggestions as time gets closer.
  • Tell your friends, family and co-workers to get ready to sign up and to share this information in person and on their social media.
  • We’ll be organizing calls to our own legislators to be sure our exchanges are well-advertised.

More info:
Trump slashing Obamacare advertising by 90% (money.cnn)
Inspector General Probes Trump Administration’s Move to Pull obamacare Enrollment Ads. (Huffpo)

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