Fri 8/18 – “Remember candy. Focus on the candy.”

Forget about this guy for a moment. The nationwide debate over whether he is or is-not-a-racist, a closet Nazi, or just as clueless as a ham bone will not be decided in the next week in any meaningful way.


Forget about this guy for a moment too.

Embed from Getty Images

Ooops, wrong picture. That’s a picture of somebody who’s actually at one of our national monuments.

Ah, here we go. Here’s our Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke, right now. We can forget about him for the next week too because he’s in the Mediterranean on vacation. Seven (7) days before the Trump’s administration’s deadline to announce the fate of our national heritage. (Spoiler: There won’t be a happy ending.)

zinke on vacation

We’re sure it’s not like he fled to avoid us and our comments and questions. Maybe he just couldn’t think of a good place to vacation somewhere in this country…

CWP deputy director Greg Zimmerman: “Our national monuments are full of beautiful places to take a summer trip. Secretary Zinke promised a rigorous analysis of national monuments, but what the American public got was a sham review and a foreign vacation.”  

We need to focus. Focus on not forgetting the important things, like our environment and our judicial system, while distractions, deliberate and otherwise, are being thrown at us on a daily basis.

So – be like South Park’s Cartman.


“Focus on the candy!”

Our heritage will be stolen from us, our children and grandchildren if we don’t band together.

More information on this here including phone calls and twitter directions.

Spread the word. The front pages of the newspaper are distracted. Make your neighbors and fellow citizens aware of what’s going on.

Please join one of the rallies on Sierra Club National Public Lands Day of Action on August 19th. Click here for more information.
NOTE: Those of you living in the greater Ventura county/Santa Barbara CA region our event is 6 PM on August 18th in Ventura, CA at the corner of Victoria Avenue and Telephone Road in Ventura. Click here for more information.

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