Save Our Clean Air & Water!

Call Hannah-Beth Jackson: “ Yes” on CA Environmental Defense Bills SB 49 and SB 50.

Scott Pruitt’s EPA threatens our clean air & water standards and endangered species protections. SB 49 holds California to the tougher, current federal standards. SB 50 protects California public lands from sales to private developers.

Script: I’m calling from [zip code] to state my support for SB 49 and SB 50. Californians are proud of the regulations that keep our state a prime destination for tourists and a healthy place for us to live and raise our families. We want our water and air clean and our public outdoor spaces available for us to enjoy now and in years to come.

Hannah-Beth Jackson Contact Info
Capitol Office: (916) 651-4019
Santa Barbara District Office: (805) 965-0862
Oxnard District Office: (805) 988-1940

Dry Fact:


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