A new kind of “Electric Slide”

2035 – the year that all new cars should be electric zero-emission models to meet the Paris Accord goals, is just 13 years away.

The transportation sector contributes 27 percent of the nation’s total greenhouse gas emissions – the biggest single culprit.  Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill contains $7.5 billion for building a national network of electric vehicle (EV) chargers to compete with nearly 117,000 gas stations. On the state level, Gov. Newson signed an executive order requiring that 100% of new passenger vehicles sales in California will be ZEVs by 2035. Meanwhile, polls indicate that while three quarters of Americans see electric vehicles as the future of transportation, initial high cost and lack of easy access to a charging station hold many back. Here are some CA proposals to help solve these problems.

Action #1: Tell your CA state senators that we need SB-1230 & SB-1482!

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