Mon. 4/12 – Justice files for Monday. Let’s make some change.

Action #1: Economic justice file: “Bridging the digital divide” – Help the Westside Community Council get a grant for Chromebooks for Ventura Westside Library. Comments due today by 4pm.

Example script (personalize this with your own experiences/writing voice):

  • Legislative/Hearing Body”: City Council
  • “Select a Topic”:  Agenda Item Number/Topic
  • “Agenda Item Number/Topic”:  Item 12A, a-e.
  • “Recommendation”:  Support Recommendation.

To Peter Gilli, Community Develoment Director, and City Council Members,

I am writing in support of the Westside Community Council’s “Bridging the Digital Divide” project, which would acquire computers that could be checked out by seniors and low income patrons of the Westside/ Avenue Library with the use of Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) funding. This resource will remove barriers to civic engagement for constituents who do not have the economic wherewithal to own computers or other devices, by allowing access to online services and meetings, such as city council meetings, medical care, and online jobs, when the library’s computer lab is closed at night. Laptop lending programs are already common in universities and colleges to help students who can’t afford their own.

As the purpose of CDBG funding is to help in the development of viable communities, decent housing, and expanded economic opportunities for low- to moderate-income persons, utilizing it to supply laptop computers, tools necessary to navigate in our modern society, this is an appropriate use of this funding.

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SB-467 and SB-47 – It’s time to push these environmental justice bills through.

No more excuses. No more obstruction. No more insider corruption.

The video below is from 2015 when Jerry Brown was governor, and it’s infuriating, that even with a Democratic majority for decades and a supermajority in the CA state legislature since 2018, we’re still asking for the same things in 2021. Maybe we need to look more closely at our “Democrats.” (See article on AB-345)

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