Mon – 4/22: Wonk Week! 2,576 bills are now moving through the CA legislature. Help keep the good ones alive!

The CA state legislature works very differently than Congress.

Unlike their federal counterparts, there’s a limit on how many bills each assemblymember or state senator can sponsor, and a February cutoff for introducing  them. This year, the starting gates were loaded with a record 2,576 new bills , including 1799 Assembly bills and 237 Senate bills, in addition to numerous amendments and resolutions. Apparently the most popular bill right now is AB-31, which proposes to eliminate sales tax on tampons, pads and other menstrual products.

But there are some other very important bills on the crowded committee agendas as each house rushes to get all their bills heard and reported to the floor by the late April/early May deadlines, and then passed out of the own house by May 31st. Even with the inevitable loss of bills as they “die” in committee, this is a huge task. Last year, 2,177 bills were introduced and 900 passed.

Indivisible Ventura is working with a coalition of Indivisible groups throughout CA, as well as the Sierra Club, United Way, CAUSE, ACLU and others to pick out the bills most important to us and track them through the legislature. We then ask people to call when a bill we’re watching comes through one of their legislator’s committees, so good bills get to the governor’s desk and bad ones get stopped.

Action #1 – Call today for SB-200 “Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Fund. 

We already asked you to call your state senator today to oppose SB-230, an attempt to distract us from truly reforming the use of force by police officers in CA. We would also like you to call in support of SB-200: “Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Fund“.

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