Thurs 10/11: Tell USA Today it failed Journalism 101.

Action #1 – Write to USA Today -Tell them to apologize, in large print, on their front page.

“…it is journalistic malpractice for any newspaper to give Trump unimpeded access to its readers. And yet, that’s exactly what USA Today has done in publishing Trump’s op-ed in today’s edition” on the Medicare for All Act. 

One possible script: “Hi, USA Today editors. No, you don’t have to print everything the president says. If we want to read fact-free communications from him, we can check his twitter feed 24/7. We expected better from you, because you’re supposed to be actual journalists, not members of his PR team. If you had trouble fact-checking his editorial, you could have reached out to others with more experience. Here’s some sites that had no trouble at all fact-checking his claims. Truly, a motivated fourteen-year-old with an internet connection could do it.

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