Thurs 11/28 – Another resistance -Thanksgiving in the shadow of Trump.

Thanksgiving is a complicated American holiday. It’s both a secular feast day centered around gatherings of family and friends and a yearly reinforcement of our wildly inaccurate origin story, a cultural mythology that obfuscates our colonialist history. Its placement on the calendar also makes it the starting bell to our annual flood of extended consumerism, the intensity of which is read like tea leaves by investors and the stock market to determine the economic health of our nation.

Here are some resources we’ve been collecting that might come in handy as you navigate political waters over the gravy boat, and for when and where you decide to spend your post-dinner dollars.

During your family’s dinner, keep your cool and make a difference where you can.

Here is an awesome guide from IndivisibleSF (San Francisco) on how to talk to your friends and family about Trump. Start from deciding if talking is physically dangerous or just uncomfortable. “If you’re just worried that the conversation will be unpleasant, but you’re not worried about it being dangerous to you, we encourage you to speak up. It may not be pleasant, but it is what your country needs from you.”

Then it give solid ideas on how to tackle conversations, from unfunny “jokes” to attacks on “political correctness”, along with a list of great reference materials.

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