Friday 9/10: VISION Act and LIFT THE BAR Act.

Action #1: State Action – CALL your state senator to pass the VISION Act. (LAST DAY!)

The trauma of familial separations is not just happening in war zones. It’s happening right here under the cloak of “ICE transfers”, and we can stop it.

Human Rights Watch wrote a great letter in favor of this legislation here.

We are here in the process through the labyrinth of the CA legislature….

The VISION Act (AB 937) has survived the gauntlet of the Appropriations Committee and is now heading back to the Senate floor for a final vote. Make sure your state senator knows you support this important bill that promotes human dignity, equal justice, and reunification of immigrant families to the Governor’s desk! (Read more about this bill here.)

Minimal script:   I’m calling from [zip code] to urge Sen. [___] to support the VISION Act (AB 937). This would stop ICE transfers of immigrant community members who have already served their time in local jails or state prisons. California must end double punishment and stop assisting ICE who routinely targets, detains, and deports Black, Latinx, & AAPI immigrants. I urge the Senator to vote yes on the bill, and keep our immigrant families and communities whole.


  • State Senator Monique Limón (SD-19): email, SAC (916) 651-4019, SB (805) 965-0862, OX (805)988-1940 
  • EMERGENCY – CALL THIS GUY! State Senator Henry Stern (SD-27): email, SAC (916) 651-2027, Calabasas (818) 876-3352
  • Not your people? Who is my state senator?:

Action #2: Call your representative to pass the “Lift the Bar Act” to remove 25 years of institutionalized racism against our immigrant families.

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(4) fast actions to make a difference.

UPDATE! H.R. 4 – the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act has PASSED the House. Now we need our senators to ditch the filibuster for voting rights and get this through the Senate. 

Hot off the our resistance communication lines…

ACTION #1: All hands on deck! Save CA from this GOP-scam of recall at taxpayer expense.

See our action here on how to alert to alert your social circles on:

  • the importance of voting “NO, GOD, NO!” on the recall election.
  • stopping these abusive and possible unconstitutional wastes of taxpayer money from happening in the first place with scripts to contact our legislators.
  • how to find postcarding campaigns, phonebanking, textbanking, literature drops and canvassing opportunities to join in. Many are accessible for those living outside Ventura County.

ACTION #2: UPDATE! H.R.4 – John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act of 2021 is now in the SENATE!

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