Mon 6/3: Monday’s Resistance Agenda!

Action #1 – Write a comment to oppose the Plains permit for an oil pipeline in SB,SLO and Kern Counties! Deadline today!

More information here. The people who brought us the Refugio Oil Spill in 2015 are back for another bite of the apple. Tell the BLM “no thanks”.

Action #2 – Support our local year-round homeless shelter/housing navigation center! Attend the City Council meeting tonight at 6 pm.

More information here. If you’ve ever wondered how you can help the homeless people you see around you, this is it. Sit at the City Council (it won’t be for long) and let your support be seen.

Action #3 – Donate to “Spread the Vote”.

More information here. “Spread the Vote” helps people get that ID in their pocket that allows them into the polling place in our more oppressive states.

Action #4 – Join in a free online course on reducing gun violence.

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University are offering an online course, which begins today, to teach the academic research and strategies they say are the best weapon to curb gun violence. Gun violence experts put the course together after hundreds of thousands of people — many of them students — participated in March For Our Lives last year, calling for tighter gun laws.”  You can take the online course here from Coursera for free (or pay $49 for a certificate) and learn how to combat gun violence in our communities.

Mon – 6/3: Donate to “Spread the Vote”.

Yeah, we often make our readers do complicated actions because we know you can (yes, we’re looking at this action right here, also due today), but every once in awhile, it’s nice to do one simple thing…

So, this month, first thing in the morning, we’re going to share an action from Americans of Conscience, each one covering different aspects of protecting our right to vote in preparation for the 2020 election.

Not every action applies to us here in CA, thank goodness, but if we’re off the hook, take a moment to share it with friends and family in more oppressive states.

Action #1: Empower future voters. 

Spread the Vote and its Project ID initiative help citizens obtain IDs in states that require ID for voting. This graphic report breaks down who has ID’s and who we need to reach out to. Key findings show: Continue reading “Mon – 6/3: Donate to “Spread the Vote”.”