Friday 12/11: Fight Back! Write Back! Call the cowards out!

Everyone who participated in this”Seditious Abuse of the Judicial Process” should resign.

(Watch this great video by Anderson Cooper here. Quote by Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro)

UPDATE: The Supreme Court just shut down Texas v. Pennsylvania, et al. This doesn’t change the crime against American democracy that +126 GOP legislators and 18 attorneys general tried to commit and the damage that they’ve done. Each legal action, no matter how ridiculous, solidifies the fiction that the election is being stolen from Trump and a lingering sense of grievance is extremely dangerous to a functional democracy. It’s time to call these guys out for what they are. Traitors to democracy. Toadies and lickspittles in the service of an incipient dictator. Send them a message!

It’s more than just a vote. At our local citizenship fairs, we volunteers see firsthand how hard people work to become Americans, and their pride in filling out their first voter registration card. We watch them bring their kids back to fill out cards as well. As polling place volunteer workers, we’ve cheered newly-naturalized citizens who came in to cast their very first vote and made sure they felt welcome, because in a secular democracy like ours, there is nothing more sacred than voting.

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