Mon 9/9: Busy Day! The Brady folks have asked us to call in a “YES” on SB 61.

(from the Brady Campaign)
Dear Indivisible and friends, 

Another bill to prevent gun violence, called SB 61, is moving through the California legislature. There’s a big vote TOMORROW, and we need Californians to call their state Assemblymembers now to ensure it passes! This bill would prevent gun violence by —

  • Limiting the number of semi-automatic rifles that a person can purchase within a 30-day period. It’s already illegal in California for a person to purchase more than one handgun within a 30-day period. SB 61 would expand that common-sense public safety measure to apply to more firearms, including these rifles, which are often used in mass shootings. Data shows firearms acquired in large quantities at once are often resold on the black market and used in crimes. No one needs to purchase more than one gun a month. The purchasing limits under SB61 are a proven strategy to prevent gun violence.
  • Restricting the sale of semi-automatic weapons to people under age 21. SB 61 would eliminate the exception that 18-20 year-olds can acquire centerfire semi-automatic rifles if they have a valid hunting license. (The Gilroy shooter was 19. He bought his gun in NV at the age of 18 legally, bringing it into CA illegally. The Poway shooter was 18. The current age exception for hunting licenses may have made it possible for him to buy his gun.)

Minimal script: I’m calling from [zip code] and I want Assemblymember [___]
to vote “YES” to SB 61!

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