Tues 4/30: Californians! Protect our landmark climate change bill! “NO” on SB-386

Graphics: Jessica Craven – Chop Wood, Carry Water

Action – Stop the shenanigans going on in Sacramento!

Some legislators are trying a sneaky workaround to gut SB 100,  “CA Renewables Portfolio Standard Program (RPS): emissions of greenhouse gases“,  the landmark climate bill signed into law last year. More information on SB 100 here. and this memory refresher video …

 SB 386, which passed through the Senate Energy Committee last week, would effectively gut and undermine SB 100 by allowing electricity generated from EXISTING LARGE HYDRO DAMS to count towards the 60% renewable energy standard established under SB 100.  Since the irrigation districts are already fully sourced, this means they can take credit for their hydro, and then sell off their existing “Renewable Portfolio Standards” (RPS) compliant resources, which effectively guts SB 350 and SB 100.  If they can count existing large hydro, there are no new renewable resources needed.

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