Tues 5/19: Eliminating the witnesses… “Yes” on H.R. 6668 – Inspectors General Independence Act

Trump’s quote in response to whistleblower Rick Bright.

Action – Call your legislators to support protection for government watchdogs.

In context, the war on inspectors general is the third and final front in Trump’s war on any kind of check on the executive branch. In the past few months alone, the White House has argued that Congress doesn’t have the right to oversee the executive branch. It has sought to convince courts that matters of oversight shouldn’t be decided by the judicial branch, either. And in going after inspectors general, an accountability mechanism embedded in the executive branch, it is staking a simple but sweeping claim: No one has the right to check the executive outside of quadrennial elections.” (Atlantic)

Inspectors general serve at the pleasure of the president, a fact few of us ever thought about until Trump took office. He’s fired an unprecedented number of these public guardians, including the one tasked with oversight of the $2 trillion COVID-19 relief funds, almost half the size of the entire annual federal budget. Daniel Meyer,  who led the Whistleblowing and Source Protection Program at the Office of the Intelligence Community Inspector General until he was fired in March 2018, stated:

It is not rocket science what the President is doing here. He has said publicly that he is the oversight authority and the IGs work for him. Continue reading “Tues 5/19: Eliminating the witnesses… “Yes” on H.R. 6668 – Inspectors General Independence Act”