Five Fast Actions

Treatment of Miners – Deadline: Jan. 9

The Republican regime’s mining regulators are reconsidering rules meant to protect underground miners from breathing coal and rock dust — the cause of black lung — and diesel exhaust, which can cause cancer. An advocate for coal miners said Friday that this sends a “very bad signal.” The Mine Safety and Health Administration has asked for public comments on whether standards “could be improved or made more effective or less burdensome by accommodating advances in technology, innovative techniques, or less costly methods.”

We can submit comments to protect our fellow workers here.

Treatment of Animals – Deadline: Jan. 18

“The Trump administration is rolling back Obama-era rules for how animals should be treated if their meat is going to be sold as “certified organic.”” The rules would “govern an animal’s access to outdoor space, transportation and slaughter, among other things.”

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Treatment of Tipped Restaurant Workers – Deadline: Feb. 3

Under pressure from the National Restaurant Association—the “other NRA”— Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta is trying to push through a policy that would allow the pooling of tips given to restaurant servers.  It would allow employers to redistribute tips to (underpaid) kitchen workers or simply to pocket the tips of servers.  The employer’s logic is that servers make more than kitchen workers because the former are given tips, and a pool will increase the take of dishwashers, cooks, etc.  There is no question that the wages of kitchen workers should be raised–but not on the backs of their fellow workers.  Tipped restaurant workers, mostly women, already have the lowest minimum wage in the country —  just $2.13 an hour.

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