Mon – 12/3: They stop our breath in wonder when we see them. When we hear them. Now it’s time to fight for them.

(Photo by Andy Jackson/Stuff. Three more sperm whales washed up in May 2018 near the Kaupokonui river mouth South Taranaki bringing the total to 11 discovered in three days.)

Action #1 – Support HR 2158/S/1263 – Atlantic Seismic Airgun Protection Act.

Marine animals are in danger from this destructive testing method. This bill amends the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act to prohibit oil-, gas-, and methane hydrate-related seismic activities in the North Atlantic, Mid-Atlantic, South Atlantic, and Straits of Florida planning areas of the outer Continental Shelf. It’s a good start.

Minimal script: I’m calling from [zip code] to askRep./Sen. [___] to cosponsor [Reps. – HR 2158 / Senators – S.1258] – “Atlantic Seismic Airgun Protection Act.”

Are they cosponsors already? Check here for reps and here for senators. (All of our people need to step up, Brownley and Carbajal, Feinstein and Harris.) Continue reading “Mon – 12/3: They stop our breath in wonder when we see them. When we hear them. Now it’s time to fight for them.”

Tues 5/22: Protect marine mammals against H.R. 3916. (A Letter from Jim Hines)

Greetings Activists:

Whales, dolphins, sea otters, sea lions and other marine mammals evoke a powerful emotion within us to protect these magnificent creatures which call the oceans home. We are dazzled by breaching whales, fall in love with cute sea otters and marvel at how dolphins seem to dance in the ocean.

America’s commitment to protecting marine mammals in federal waters has worked for the last 46 years ever since congress passed the Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA). No more killing of marine mammals allowed, federal actions in ocean waters have to address the impacts to marine mammals the MMPA requires.

But that is all about to change for there currently is legislation in congress to move the marine mammal protection program from NOAA a science-based agency, over to the U.S. Dept of the Interior, a politically driven agency.

HR 3916 The FISH Act (Federal Integrated Species Health Act) has passed the House Committee on Natural Resources. This bill by congressman Calvert (R-CA) was introduced at the request of U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke who would like to gain control over ALL federal ocean management programs. In fact the Secretary’s’ office is also working on legislation to move the National Marine Sanctuary System also currently within NOAA over to Interior.

“Marine sanctuaries need to be open for oil and gas drilling” the Secretary has often said to me. Continue reading “Tues 5/22: Protect marine mammals against H.R. 3916. (A Letter from Jim Hines)”

Wed. 3/28 – Stop the “collateral damage.”

“YES” on SB 1017 – Phase out drift net fishing off CA coastline
Deadline 4/13

(From Jim Hines – Sierra Club California/Nevada Wildlife Team Leader)

 “What a sight, four humpback whales all breaching at the same time in the ocean waters off the coast of Santa Barbara, CA. Whales, dolphins, sea otters, sea turtles, sea lions and seals dazzle us and bring out a strong emotion of our love for marine mammals.
 But sadly these same marine mammals are killed by the hundreds each year as they get caught up and entangled in nylon drift nets used in the commercial fishing industry.
 But now we have a chance to speak up for these precious marine mammals in an effort to save them.
The California State Senate Committee on Natural Resources is considering legislation (SB 1017-Allen) which would phase out the commercial drift net fishery off the coast of California.”
We need to tell these members that this vote is important to us.
Minimal Script: I’m calling from [zip code] to ask State Sen. [___] to support SB 1017.
Members of the Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Water:
State Senators Bob Hertzberg, Jeff Stone, Benjamin Allen, Ben Hueso, Hannah-Beth Jackson, Mike McGuire, Bill Monning, Henry Stern, Andy Vidak
Contact information here.
State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson: (SD-19): SAC (916) 651-4019, SB (805) 965-0862, OX (805)988-1940