SNAP, SNAP, SNAP – The swamp monsters come after the poorest among us. COMMENT TODAY!

How cruel are we?

The Agriculture Department is considering a policy change in the SNAP (Supplimental Nutrition Assistance Program) that would expose single adults to a harsh three-month time limit on food stamp benefits if they aren’t employed at least half-time or in a qualifying work or training program.

SNAP recipients in states that have few or no employment programs and fails to offer them a spot in a work or training program — which is the case in most states — or those who live in high-unemployment areas, will have their benefits cut off after three months, even if they are searching diligently for a job or working less than 20 hours a week.

Because this provision denies basic food assistance even to people who want to work and will accept any job or work program slot offered, it is effectively a severe time limit rather than a work requirement, as such requirements are commonly understood. This will help no one get out of poverty and will take food away from people who need assistance.


Action: Let’s stand indivisible with the most vulnerable members of our society and write a comment to protest this new policy.

Today is the FINAL DAY we can submit public comments objecting to this change here. Continue reading “SNAP, SNAP, SNAP – The swamp monsters come after the poorest among us. COMMENT TODAY!”