Fri – 3/8: What’s wrong with this picture? Say “YES” to CA’s AB-1080/SB 54.

Action 1 – No, no, it’s not the cucumbers…(They’re great!)

This is the season for articles on what to give up for Lent. This year, instead 40 days without chocolate, alcohol or binge-watching TV shows, many churches are asking their parishioners to give up single-use plastic, some even specifying different types each week, like shopping bags, drinking straws, water bottles, styrofoam  and food wrappers. In the secular world, Trader Joe’s announced in February’s Fearless Flyer, that they will be taking more steps to reduce plastic and other packaging waste due to increasing customer criticism for their perceived “overuse of packaging,” especially in the produce section. (See cucumbers, above.)

Why is plastic in the news everywhere? Because China has CUT US OFF! The recycling giant isn’t taking our plastic recyclables anymore, or anyone else’s – nearly half of the world’s excess plastic waste. So what is the US going to do about our little 4000-shipping-containers-A-DAY plastic trash habit?  Although 2018’s Earth Day motto was a warning about plastics pollution, we hadn’t hit bottom yet. We need to make changes fast, beyond bags and straws, and CA can lead the way.

Environmental groups (see below) are supporting AB-1080SB 54 – “California Circular Economy and Plastic Pollution Reduction Act.” It will address the collapse of foreign recycling markets by reducing solid waste generation, encourage transition to compostable or recyclable materials, and foster domestic recycling markets. Businesses selling products into California would also have to comply with our packaging requirements, spreading the benefits to our environment beyond state lines. And beyond our own well-being as well. Nobody wants a future filled with animals trapped, entangled, starved or poisoned by our plastic waste.

Minimal script: I’m calling from [zip code and I want Senator/Assemblymember [____] to follow and support AB-1080SB 54 – “California Circular Economy and Plastic Pollution Reduction Act.” This is a really important issue for the future of California.

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