Fri – 7/20: Environmental action: 2 quick ones that are due TODAY.

#1 – Last day to comment to the EPA on water contamination from PFA’s.

Today – Friday, July 20, is the last day the EPA will accept public comment on how it should address widespread water contamination from PFAS. At least, we think it is. The site has an error, where the pdf of the action (EPA-HQ-OW-2018-0270-0001) contains the deadline date of July 20th, but the website’s comment action deadline is Sept. 28th. Sigh. However, this is important enough to do both, in case the earlier date rules.

You can start right on it here, or you can read the background material provided below.


What are you talking about?: If you woke up this morning unsure of what PFA’s are, you are not alone. PFAS — (Poly- and PerFluoroAlkyl substances) are the toxic chemicals used, among other things, to make fire retardants, oil and water repellents, furniture, waterproof clothes, take out containers and non-stick cookware. The manufacture and use of these products has allowed them to enter our water supply.

Where is it?: In 2016, a study of 36,000 drinking water samples from 4,864 public water sources showed that 16 MILLION people across 33 states, three American territories and an Native American community were polluted with PFA’s. 13 states made up 75% of the findings, including CALIFORNIA with the highest frequency of detection, followed by New Jersey, North Carolina, Alabama, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, Georgia, Minnesota, Arizona, Massachusetts, and Illinois.

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