Mon. 4/20: Indivisible together, we must demand more.

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Action#1: Phone Action – Demand that your legislators prioritize a coronavirus “People’s Bailout.”

Congress has now passed three coronavirus-related response bills. While these bills have temporarily filled in important gaps in our paid sick leave, unemployment insurance, and health care systems, they are grossly insufficient given the magnitude of the current crisis. What’s worse, in return for helping people who are desperately in need of support, Trump and his Republican allies demanded hundreds of billions of dollars in unaccountable corporate bailouts and a bizarre $170 billion dollar tax giveaway that chiefly benefits around 43,000 millionaires and billionaires.. Really.

This crisis isn’t over and the Senate could vote on the deal that supposedly fixes all the gaps in the previous bills soon – possibly in a pro forma Senate session today, and a House vote on Wednesday. While they are rightfully putting more money towards small businesses, we need to continue demanding help for the individual people and families who both staff business and patronize them — in other words, we need a People’s Bailout.

We must demand that our legislators consider the interrelated crises of wealth inequality, racism, and ecological decline, which were in place long before COVID-19, and now risk being intensified. This is a time to be decisive in saving lives, and bold in charting a path to a genuinely healthier and more equitable future through a just recovery.

Minimal Phone Script: I’m calling from [___] and I want Rep./Sen. [___] to make sure the next coronavirus response bill includes the following (add any points from the email script below that are especially important to you.): Continue reading “Mon. 4/20: Indivisible together, we must demand more.”