“What do you say to people who might be tired of protesting, tired of calling?”

171208153808-plane-argument-2-large-169“First of all, I hear you brother, I hear you, sister. It is devastating. the attacks every week on black people, on brown people, on all of us, on workers, – it’s exhausting and humiliating and it undermines your confidence in the country and your core values.

And so the first thing you have to do is acknowledge the pain and own it and be at peace with it. And then you have to say, you know what, in the face of that I will fight. Right? Because the struggles that are in front of me are in fact, they’re big, I mean whether it’s you, or me or anyone else. We have real struggles. But other people have had hard struggles in their lives and they’ve persevered. You know, a lot of people, throughout human history, have had shitty lives with major obstacles and they’ve fought hard. I mean, think about refugees in Syria.

So what we’ve got here is less difficult than that. We have a functioning democracy, we still have the ability to raise our voices, we have to do it we have to persevere, we have to put a little  self-sacrifice in. The democracy doesn’t work if we hand it off to K Street, if we let the monied interest do their work, then of course the Republicans will do the bidding and the Democrats will fold like playing cards. Continue reading ““What do you say to people who might be tired of protesting, tired of calling?””