Wed 5/20: National Day of Mourning for our “Warriors.”

(In honor of this National Day of Mourning, we’ve reconfigured our original post on “Would you rather use $500 million dollars to paint Trump’s wall or have FEMA help with the burial of his “warriors?” ) 

UPDATE 5/22/2020: Thanks to all who called! Trump is finally going to order flags at half-staff, possibly just for the Memorial Day weekend, after a letter from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D) was made public. In April, Joe Biden (D) made the same request, stating “We’ve lost more people to this virus in the last several months than we lost in the entire Vietnam War.”


“The people of our country are warriors.” (Trump)

Or we’re cannon fodder.

How can we tell which? By the respect given to our dead, which, by today’s count, is closing on 94,000.

The frame of war allows the president to call for the collective sacrifice of laborers without taking the measures necessary to ensure their safety, while the upper classes remain secure at home…The president’s language of wartime unity is a veil draped over a federal response that offers little more than contempt for those whose lives are at risk.”  

And nowhere is that contempt more obvious than for the victims of this pandemic – Trump hasn’t bothered to lower the White House flag, a gesture to honor the dead which would cost him nothing, nor has he let FEMA help families with burial costs.

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