Tues 12/10: Holiday gift ideas and activities that make a difference.

Action #1 – Postcards for America-California has a HOLIDAY PROJECT!

The Impeachment of DJT is moving along quickly (HOORAY) and while the House is certain to vote to Impeach, the Senate is not…unless we pressure them! Please share these materials (google drive or this page) with anyone you think will help with this effort. We may think our little effort doesn’t amount to much but multiplied by the hundreds, thousands, and yes, millions of Americans who feel exactly as we do, then we can change this situation. U.S. Senators are a fearful bunch, right now they fear Trump more than us. Let’s change that equation because THEY WORK FOR US!

  • 4 printable postcard designs
  • Write your short, clear message (See suggestions below.)
    • Don’t be a Russian Asset! Vote to Impeach and Remove Trump!
    • The Rule of Law is ALL! Vote to Impeach and Remove Trump!
  • Add a postcard stamp (or $.35 cents postage.)
  • Mail your card and REPEAT!
  • Here are all the addresses for GOP Senators (plus a Dem and an Ind who generally vote with them). Write to as many of them as you want, the more the better, as often as you want to! All it takes is some of your time, some card stock, your printer, and stamps.

Action #2 – Check out this great holiday gift guide to a better future.

Some of these sites allow us to buy things for ourselves, our family, and our loved ones. Some provide things to people we may have never met. In that case, consider donating in honor of someone. And don’t forget to look for causes in your own town that need support.  Continue reading “Tues 12/10: Holiday gift ideas and activities that make a difference.”