4/25 – War on the poor – Part 1 – Cutting their Lifeline…

Quote by Warrent Buffett, Sunday New York Times Op-ed.

Today, The Hill reported that the GOP is making a push to cut taxes on capital gains, as the richest amongst us apparently feel they left some money on the table after the tax-cut measure President Trump signed into law last year.

In the meantime, in one of the richest countries in the world, our legislators continue their war on our poorest citizens.

Cutting their Lifeline…

Ajit Pai’s FCC is poised to severely limit its Lifeline program, which provides a modest $9.25 monthly subsidy to lower-income people. The proposed rollback would rob hundreds of thousands of poor people of affordable phone and internet access and disproportionately impact people of color, seniors, veterans and people with disabilities, as well as many in Puerto Rico and other disaster-stricken parts of America.

The FCC has ignored bipartisan objections from Senate and House leaders who have heard from concerned constituents that this plan would make it difficult for them to search for jobs, advance their education, meet their basic needs and stay informed.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s plan would also implement a budget cap on Lifeline — which would limit program participation or slash funding to fully eligible recipients and he’s hoping to impose a lifetime benefits cap that would cut off funding for the most vulnerable users, like elderly people and people with disabilities, by limiting the amount of time an individual can use the program. Continue reading “4/25 – War on the poor – Part 1 – Cutting their Lifeline…”