At the end of Pride Month – it’s time to rinse off some of that rainbow-wash.

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Hey, corporations! Do you want to be considered “people?”

(theskimm) “Nine years after the 1969 Stonewall riots in New York City, gay rights activist Gilbert Baker created and paraded the first rainbow flag. Fast forward to June 2021: corporations (think: Walmart, CVS, AT&T) started adding rainbow colors to their logos on social media. The move is an attempt to show their support for the LGBTQ+ community during Pride Month. But LGBTQ+ activists say this show of solidarity by some companies is just a front since their corporate policies show a different side to their supposed activism. And are accusing them of rainbow-washing.

Citizens United turned soulless corporations into “people” who can support things, like Pride Month and Juneteenth. Well, it’s time to remind a bunch of CEO’s that there are social rules to being “real people” – like defending and protecting their friends. Every kid knows that Pinocchio only became a “real” boy after he risked everything to save his father. Need a more grownup example? How about this – if you say you’re a supporter of the LGBTQ+ community, don’t give political donations to homophobes. So easy!

(Note: If you and your family/friend circle haven’t started calling your senators on passing the Equality Act, go here.)

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Thank our Board of Supervisors for their LGBTQ+ Pride Month Proclamation!

Ventura County resisters – anti-LGBTQ+ groups and people are targeting this post by Supervisor LaVere because our County Supervisors approved the flying of the Pride flag last week.

Please don’t feed these trolls! Use your keyboards to support and thank our supervisors for doing the right thing! Knowing that we have their back encourages them to do more!

  • Send a quick email to the Board of Supervisors at
  • Put “June 22nd Item Not on the Agenda” in the SUBJECT line
  • Write a simple “thank you” message for the board unanimously supporting the LGBTQ+ Pride Month Proclamation and for raising the pride flag last week.

These messages go to all the supervisors and are read into the record at the next meeting. Please share with Ventura County friends and encourage them to do the same.