Thurs 12/10: Justice for Casey – Let’s add our voice!


Black lives are still under attack. Casey Goodson Jr. was on his way home from the dentist in Columbus, Ohio. He stopped to get Subway sandwiches for him, his brother, and his grandmother. He got home, put the keys in the side door, and as he stepped foot into his home, he was shot repeatedly in the back by Franklin County Sheriff’s deputy Jason Meade.

Casey Goodson Jr. died on December 4th in front of his 72-year-old grandmother and two toddlers. He was 23 years old. His mother, Tamala Payne, shared in grief: “My son, as I’ve stated a thousand times, was an amazing little boy. And he was still a little boy because he is always going to be my baby. Just knowing that Jason Meade took his voice, he no longer has one. Therefore, I am his voice and I know that I have to be his voice. I have to stand up for my son because, if I don’t, no one else will.”

Stand up for Casey Goodson Jr., his family, and his loved ones.

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