There are a lot of great options for federal judges. Jennifer Rearden isn’t one of them.

  • Action #1: Seriously. What the hell?
  • Action #2: Extra Credit – “Dear Joe…” Write to Biden to pardon Steven Donziger and withdraw his support of Rearden.

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Action #1: Seriously. What the hell?

Truly, we have not missed writing negative reviews for fascist Federalist judical nominations. So we’re disappointed that this handmaiden for the oligarchy, originally nominated by Trump for the U.S. District Court of the Southern District of New York, is a nominee now. Rearden has personally litigated cases defending housing discrimination, overturning worker protections, and challenging improved access to transportation for wheelchair users. She fought for Chevron to criminalize the lawyer who won a $9.5 billion suit against them for Ecuadoran farmers.

Her equally toxic firm, Gibson Dunn, has defended corporations for lying about climate science, obstructed measures to address systemic racism, opposed vital protections for workers, and violated human rights both here and abroad. In no way does she “represent the best of America” that Biden promised for his judicial nominees.

Minimal script: I’m calling from [zip code] to ask Senator [Feinstein, Padilla], as members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, to stop Jennifer Rearden from advancing further. It’s obvious why Trump nominated her – she’s worked against the interests of workers, the disabled, and the environment. Her law firm represents Big Oil and Gas, and has a history of suing environmental nonprofits and engaging in “legal thuggery.” It’s disappointing that Biden hasn’t removed her.

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