“Lost Cause” to the “Big Lie” – we’re stuck in a malevolent version of “Groundhog Day.”

It’s time to fight Trump’s “Big Lie” with GOP facts and break out of this recurring trauma of voter suppression .

  • Action #1: Facts are fun! Create a meme and share it on your social media!
  • Action #2: “S.1 – For the People Act” – GOP-led states have proved that they can no longer be trusted to protect the right to vote.
  • Action #3: Censure all federal legislators who are complicit in pushing the “Big Lie.”
  • Action #4: Roll your sleeves up. We need to hammer Manchin with calls from his own constituents!
  • A brief overview of three Reconstructions.

(Graphic quote by Ricky L. Jones. Full video of Rep. Rafael Anchía interrogation here.)

Fighting back against the GOP’s “Big Lie” that reimagines America’s elections as dangerous quagmires of voter fraud committed by minorities and “antifa”, the Democratic state legislators of Texas walked out of their session to stop the passage of S.B. 7, one of the most restrictive and anti-democratic of the new voter restriction bills, risking the wrath of Governor Abbott and the possible sacrifice of their paycheck. “We did our part to stop S.B. 7. Now we need Congress to do their part by passing H.R. 1 and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act.” said Texas State Rep. Erin Zwiener (D-45).

So, is Texas a hotbed of duplicitous voters? According to the GOP’s own right-wing voter-fraud-myth promoter Heritage Foundation, who has created a database of wayward voters neatly organized by state, year and type of crime, Texas desperately needs S.B.7 because…wait a minute…they had exactly ZERO CASES OF VOTER FRAUD IN 2020-21! Georgia and Florida have already signed suppressive bills into law, because they had,…wait a minute… ZERO and ZERO cases respectively. Arizona, a relative hotbed of iniquity, is marked as having “ONE” for 2020. It seems that Attorney General Bill Barr was actually telling the truth.

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Rep. Cheney just accused her own party of undermining democracy. It’s up to us to save it with (3) basic actions.

Need an emotional lift today? Listen to this amazing song for National John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Action Day and remember why we do this work! Remember what we’re fighting for and pick up your phone!

Action #1: “S.1 – For the People Act” – the guardrails for democracy we never knew we needed – until a lawless and corrupt man became president.

The GOP is now at war with itself, with Rep. Liz Cheney accusing fellow GOP legislators who follow Trump of perpetrating the Big Lie which is undermining America.

S. 1 -“For the People Act” will protect Americans’ voting rights NATIONWIDE, and it just advanced to the floor, after being deadlocked 9-9 on partisan lines in the Rules Committee. The meeting’s GOP contingent included Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, armed with destructive amendments which failed, along with Senator Ted Cruz, who called the bill “Jim Crow 2.0” and falsely claimed that it would allow undocumented immigrants to vote. (Apparently the GOP no longer worries about their lies being recorded.) However, despite the GOP’s best efforts, S.1 includes reforms that are broadly popular with Americans across the political spectrum.

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