Tuesday 2/27 – #OneMoreVote – Internet-wide day of action

The FCC has started the countdown

On December 14th, 2017 the GOP-majority Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to reverse 2015 regulations established to protect the net neutrality that allows all users have equal access to all internet content. It also prevents internet service providers (ISPs) from  charging extra for high-speed access to specific websites or blocking access to certain sites altogether. 83% of the American people and 75% of Republicans support net neutrality. 

The net neutrality repeal plan has finally been published in the Federal Register last Thursday, but that doesn’t mean net neutrality is officially dead—in fact, as open internet defenders quickly observed in response to the news, the fight to save the web from the Republican-controlled FCC is just beginning. If Pai’s rule is kept in place, net neutrality protections will begin to unravel April 23.

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