Tues 10/20: Push back, Nancy! You’ve got ’til Oct. 23rd to impeach Barr!

Mitch McConnell used every trick at his disposal to prevent President Barack Obama from not only seating emminently qualified Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court, but also 88 district and 17 court of appeals judges. Now, after the tragedy of losing RBG, McConnell and Trump have teamed up to push through an extremist nominee WHILE people are voting. Time to change up our game.

  • We’ve asked GOP senators to play fair and hold off the nomination of any new supreme court justice before the election. No dice.
  • We’re asking our senators on the Judiciary Committee to refuse to create a quorum on Oct. 22, when they are scheduled to vote on the advancement of Amy Coney Barrett. It may also work in the full Senate, with several GOP absences due to COVID. This has only a slight chance of stopping McConnell, but it will also indicate to our senators that we expect them to fight back harder.
  • Right now is when the phrase “better late than never” comes in. One thing both Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell know, is that any impeachment trial in the Senate would take priority over a vote on the SCOTUS nomination. And there is one person that deserves to be impeached above all others except for our president himself, and that is Attorney General William Barr. And Nancy Pelosi has until Oct. 23rd to get this started.

Minimal script: I’m emailing you because I’m frankly terrified of a judicial nihilist like Amy Coney Barrett getting a lifelong place on our highest court, methodically destroying the work of Ruth Bader Ginsburg against the will and best interests of the majority of Americans. It’s time to pull out the big guns, and stop these proceedings. Please call an impeachment trial for Attorney General William Barr by Oct. 23rd. The work in researching the case has already been done. I am attaching links to CREW’s letter to Henry Kerner, Special Counsel, specifically regarding Barr’s Hatch Act violations, as well as their full report on the case for Attorney General Barr’s impeachment below.

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