Three Actions for Earth Day.

  • Action #1: UPDATED ACTION – Call Newsom. He needs to do more to ban fracking.
  • Action #2: Tell your federal legislators to invest in infrastructure & create green jobs – The American Jobs Act.
  • Action #3: The House passed HR 803: Protecting America’s Wilderness and Public Lands Act (PAW+). Talk to your senators.

Action #1: UPDATED ACTION – Call Newsom. He needs to do more. – This is a tragedy of leadership and vision.

4/26/2021: New action – email Governor Newsom here: First, thank you for declaring a fracking ban to take place in 2024. That’s a great start. However, we urgently need you to issue an immediate moratorium on new oil and gas permits within 2500′ feet of homes, hospitals, schools, and other sensitive receptors. The science has been clear for years. Adults, children, and even unborn babies are injured by their close proximity to oil and gas industry installations. That we allow these toxic sites near enough to harm people is a reflection of our long and shameful indifference to low-income and minority communities. 2500′ is the bare minimum to escape some of the most serious health effects and our state is behind the curve on this issue. Mandatory minimum distances between oil & gas extraction sites and homes, schools, and hospitals are already law in Idaho, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, North Dakota, New Mexico, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Illinois, Colorado, and Texas. Please state that all Californians are worthy of this basic health protection, as well.

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