It’s always been about the oil.

Climate change warnings started long before the first Earth Day in 1970.

  • Action #1: “YES” on H.R.5253/S.3167 – Fossil Free Finance Act.
  • Action #2: “YES” on H.R.2519/S.1115  – Keep It in the Ground
  • Action #3: Email Joe and tell him to hold the line!

In 1957, Roger Revelle described fossil fuel burning as “a grandiose scientific experiment” on climate. In 1966, a coal industry research organization reported that “the temperature of the earth’s atmosphere will increase and that vast changes in the climates of the earth will result.” By the late 1970’s, the fossil fuel industry moved from researching side effects of their own product to protecting their investments with a vast archipelago of climate change-denial think tanks.

The GOP and their corporate funders know that the denial game is nearly over, as citizens watch record-setting environmental catastrophes on their nightly news. So oil-garchs like Koch are set on changing the game board – they funded Trump, whose administration rolled back more than 100 environmental regulations and now, with the most corrupt Supreme Court dark money could buy, they are betting on the whole concept of regulation itself being overturned.

Action #1: “YES” on H.R.5253/S.3167 – Fossil Free Finance Act.

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