Wednesday 3/31: Cesar Chavez Day – Two actions!

  • Action #1: Volunteer in your community in honor of “Cesar Chavez Day.”
  • Action #2: Call your senators to vote “YES” on UFW-supported H.R. 1603 – the Farm Workforce Modernization Act, a long-delayed “thank you” for the essential workers who bring us our food.

Action #1: Volunteer in your community in honor of “Cesar Chavez Day.”

  • What is Cesar Chavez Day? Cesar Chavez was a prominent leader for civil rights, farmworkers, community organizing, and more. Born in 1927 as a first-generation American, Chavez began working in the fields full time to help support his family after completing the eighth grade. Being exposed to the injustices of farm worker life, he would later go on to found the National Farm Workers Movement Association in 1962. Today, this is known as the United Farm Workers of America, which has made long strides for farm workers.
  • How is his work still relevant? While Chavez brought great awareness and made progress for farmworkers, farmworkers continue to face hardships and injustices in their work and conditions. The California Streetsblog posted a great article this time last year as the pandemic was just beginning, highlighting the thankless work that farmworkers do every day – providing us with food to eat.
  • Finally, learn about Chavez’s connection to Ventura County from Dr. Frank Barajas at CSUCI. 
  • So, how can you honor Cesar Chavez this year? Get involved! Here are some great opportunities to engage with near you:
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