Tues 10/13: Reminder: The CA GOP is not above the law.

ACTION #1: Reach out to our county’s district attorney, Greg Totten, and TELL HIM TO DO HIS JOB! Arrest and charge those behind the fake ballot boxes!

Just weeks before a national election, the CA GOP is openly violating CA law by infesting our communities with fraudulent ballot drop boxes. CNN wrote a story “The biggest election fraud story you haven’t heard about.” On Monday, CA’s attorney general, Xavier Becerra, said he had received “disturbing reports” that some GOP officials “may not be prepared or willing to remove those boxes.” This is a breathtaking assertion of privilege, in a country where Americans have died at the hands of law enforcement over broken headlights and expired license tags.

Becerra stated that if the boxes aren’t removed, the Republican leaders could face prosecution. Again, point of privilege for the GOP. The crime has already been committed, but they are being given extra chances. We prefer the approach of the Orange county district attorney, who has already launched a criminal investigation into at least two unauthorized ballot boxes in their county.

What is our district attorney, Greg Totten, an elected official, BTW, doing about the boxes that are now showing up in Ventura County? Has he made a statement? Is he committed to doing his job? Contact him here. (A.G. contact info. outside Ventura Co. here.)

Minimal script: I’m writing as a resident of Ventura County, who is outraged by the blatant law-breaking of the CA GOP, who has placed fake ballot boxes in our county and others. These people are not kids who are ignorant of the law. This is a group with access to lawyers and other advisors who know very well that these boxes are illegal, yet, due to their perception of their own power and position, believe themselves to be above the law. You were elected to office with the expectation that you would address to all kinds of crime. Election law violations are particularly corrosive to a stable democracy, yet we haven’t heard from you. Do your job – Arrest and prosecute those behind this criminal campaign.

CA Attorney General Xavier Becerra has stated that counties would have to contact all voters who used these boxes – so their stunt now costs us taxpayers money as well. In addition to punishment for this egregious flouting of the law, we want the CA GOP to fully compensate the county – i.e. us taxpayers, for all time that must now be spent calling voters who used the fake boxes. We are waiting to hear from you.

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