Wed. 4/15: A note from the Speaker of the House.

Dear Democratic Colleague,

This Easter Weekend provided me with a time for deeper prayer and reflection.  This is an unbearably sad time with all Americans sharing the same devastating experience: we are grieving for those who have died from the coronavirus, we are fearful for our health and especially the health of our loved ones and we are heartbroken for our children who are unable to be in school and with their friends.

As Americans, we are suffering from pressures of economic hardship.  All of us want to resume the precious and beautiful lives that America’s unique freedoms provide.  We will overcome this moment, but success requires one fundamental from which all actions will follow: we need the truth.  To succeed in this crisis, we must insist on the truth, and we must act upon it! Continue reading “Wed. 4/15: A note from the Speaker of the House.”