5 Environmental Actions – from the president’s desk to our own backyards.

Action #1: SB-467 FAILED in committee! Seriously! With a Democratic majority! But we may still get the 2500′ setback if we call!

3 Democratic state senators (Eggman, Hueso, and Hertzberg) killed SB 467 – the Dangerous Drilling Bill in the Natural Resources Committee. This critical legislation, authored by our own senator Monique Limón, would have protected the millions of Californians who live in close proximity to oil and gas operations, banned dangerous drilling practices, and begun a just transition for oil and gas workers as the state meets its climate goals and steadily moves away from fossil fuels. (Oil industry donor spreadsheet here.)

(From VISION) “THE FIGHT’S NOT OVER YET! SB 467, is not dead yet – we still have a chance to protect more than 2M Californians, mostly in low-income and Black, Latinx, and Indigenous communities, but only if we show our target Senators we won’t accept their silence and lack of support. We can no longer sacrifice our health and the health of our children, neighbors, and friends to the oil and gas industry, and our lawmakers have the chance to do something about it. (Plus our state’s economy loses about $28 billion annually due to premature deaths and illnesses linked to ozone and particulates.)

SB 467 will be amended to a “SETBACKS-ONLY” bill. We’ve got just 7 business days to make sure that we can get one more vote in the Natural Resources Committee from our targets below. Please share the attachments and the email below with your friends and community members to make calls! ASAP to keep up the momentum of the fight for setbacks! – and our work is fruitless if it doesn’t escape the inboxes of the people getting this email right now. You do not have to be a constituent to make these calls.

Then, take a moment to thank our senator for her efforts! She’s one of only 9 CA legislators judged as climate and environmental champions! Oil and Gas Scores for all CA legislators (Assembly) (Senate)

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