Thursday 2/1 – Dreamers (the REAL ones), Russia Sanctions, Stealing tips.

“Politics” used to be voting in the right candidate, then just sitting back on our couches watching TV, and waiting for good things to happen.

If that were ever true, it isn’t like that now. Now it’s about our calls.

“I bring back the Groundhog Day pic from time to time because, let’s face it, some of these calls feel incredibly repetitive. We’ve been asking for the same stuff for months. Agh!

The aides I talk to every day, though, tell me repeatedly how important it is that we keep calling, and keep making the same asks over and over. “We definitely need to keep hearing from you,” they tell me.

And I’m pretty sure there are 800,000 Dreamers out there who also hope we don’t run out of steam. So let’s not.” (Jessica Craven)

If you haven’t gotten a phone call down to 10 seconds or less, click here for instructions on downloading our Amplify app or setting up your phone for fast calling. 

Action #1 – Go to the training today and volunteer at the Citizenship Fair. 

Click here for information.

Action #2 – Call for a clean Dream Act and Health Centers

We weren’t the only ones who noted this turn of phrase…

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