Thurs 12/17: Carbon neutrality by 2045? CA has to move faster!

WE NEED TO GET ON THIS NOW!: The CA Air Resources Board (CARB) is at work on the next state regulation for cars and light trucks and has stated that it will attempt to complete the Advanced Clean Cars II Rule by the end of 2021.

  • NEWSOM NEEDS TO PUSH HARDER!: Gov. Newsom needs to move up his target for 100% zero-emission vehicle sales to meet crucial state climate goals, according to a new report by the Center for Biological Diversity. (Read full discussion from Center for Biological Diversity here)
  • 2030 IS COMING UP FAST: For California to meet its goal of carbon neutrality by 2045, all new cars sold in the state must have zero emissions by 2030 – five years earlier than Gov. Newsom’s target.
  • 20 YEAR LAG PERIOD: Because gas-powered cars can stay on the road for 20 years or more, every year without a zero-emission sales requirement means a substantial addition to total emissions. The report found that putting the requirement in place in 2030 versus 2035 would prevent enough climate pollution to keep 140,000 football fields’ worth of Arctic summer sea ice from vanishing.
  • WHY AREN’T WE LEADING ON THIS!!!: EarthjusticeGov. Newsom would simply be keeping pace with the other leaders around the world who take climate and air pollution seriously.

In a letter signed by 80 groups (including us, we’re #43 on the list) we urged Governor Newsom to direct the CA Air Resources Board to update its deadlines based on the science.

Email Gov. Newsom! It’s time for ALL OF US to tell him to do the right thing.

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