Fri 5/1: This year, celebrate International Workers’ Day by calling your legislators.

Action – Call for a real “People’s Bailout” on May Day!


Yesterday we wrote about the corporate looting taking place under our so-called “rescue” plan – the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act. FAIR describes it as a “robbery in progress”.

But the GOP isn’t through yet. Sen McConnell (Senator of the 5th most federally dependent state!) is demanding liability protection for businesses and hospitals in the next round of stimulus legislation.


GOP-controlled states are actively forcing people off unemployment, and back into underpaid and/or dangerous workplaces for which our Labor Dept. has refused to order basic safeguards. Dozens of workers, including meat cutters, supermarket greeters, airport screeners, transit workers and bus drivers have died as the disease has spread. Many health care workers are being forced to treat patients without PPE and even being disciplined, even fired, for calling out their employers’ failure to follow proper safety measures.

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Thurs 4/30: Shock therapy: We are being cheated in three ways! Follow the money and demand it back.

Quote from Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse.

…wait for it…wait for it….BOOM! There it is! 

Headline – “Conservative Republicans say COVID spending must consider growing debt.

The GOP who gave us a ruinous 2017 tax plan now senses that they’ve wrung as much money for their wealthy donors as they can from the previous “stimulus” bills and it’s time to invoke the the specter of “runaway deficit spending” again. Sen. McConnell casually threatened states and cities with bankruptcy instead of the aid they desperately need, and his compatriots are foreshadowing their plans to destroy safety nets for regular people, like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, to pay for their COVID-19 giveaways to corporations and the rich. Just in time to thwart another stimulus bill aimed at helping us non-millionaires, our election system and the USPS weather this pandemic.

But we know where to find some money…We need to take it back.

Action #1: STOP the GOP’s $170 billion hand-out to the wealthy.

In our 3/31 post, we asked legislators to take back one of the most corrupt aspects of the CARES Act, a $170 billion tax break giveaway for millionaires. Over 80% of this multi-year benefit would go to 43,000 wealthy hedge fund managers and real estate speculators, gifting each of them an average of $1.6 million for 2020 alone. (Details of this boondoggle here.) Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) and Congressman Lloyd Doggett (D-TX) are now trying to get this handout rescinded, along with 178 groups, including Indivisible.

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Tues 3/31: The chaos and corruption edition. Two actions.

Today’s two actions are about the rich taking advantage of a pandemic to grab more than their share. So we’re starting with a video from a millionaire.

safe_image-2.php.jpegFor the GOP, the pandemic has opened up a huge opportunity – their $500 billion dollar conoravirus stimulus package has been called a “robbery in progress,” a huge, barely -controlled giveaway of taxpayer money and tax benefits to huge corporations and the wealthiest private citizens in the country. “It’s a bailout for twelve years of corporate irresponsibility that made these companies so fragile that a few weeks of disruption would destroy them. The short-termism and lack of capital reserves funneled record profits into a bathtub of cash for investors. That’s who’s being made whole, financiers and the small slice of the public that owns more than a trivial amount of stocks.

There are some voices of dissent amongst the wealthy. Maybe, they’ll listen to their own.

The working class has lost sight of the fact, or just don’t understand, that we wealthy are fully in charge. We own Congress. We own the White House. We wealthy are running the country to our benefit….  

All my wealthy friends think I’m crazy. I think they’re crazy. …We cannot continue to run this country the way we are for long. It may last our lifetimes, but that’s pretty selfish isn’t it? That we don’t concern ourselve more with our children, and probably more importantly, our grandchildren, that’s a pretty selfish shortsight view and I don’t think it’s really the American way.

Action #1:  It this stimulus package was supposed to be about jobs, why did the GOP want a 6-month wall of secrecy around who gets the money?

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