Mon 3/25: YES on SB 307, Stop Cadiz Inc.! Email tonight, call first thing Tuesday morning!

Please take quick action today to let Senator Jackson know to vote in support of this bill!

Tomorrow, Tuesday (26th), the California State Senate Natural Resources committee, which includes our Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson, will vote on SB 307 to stop the Trump administration’s deregulation of Cadiz, Inc., a water mining company that wants to extract and sell 16 billion gallons of hexavalent chromium-tinged groundwater each year from beneath Mojave Trails National Monument, one of the driest places in North America.

It’s a ridiculous plan that jeopardizes the desert’s national parks, monuments and wildlife that depend on the water. The Trump administration, with Cadiz’s former lobbyist David Bernhardt now Acting Interior Secretary, eliminated the required federal review of the project in order to silence federal scientists who don’t support the project.

The California legislature is pushing back. SB 307, legislation by Senator Richard Roth (D-Riverside), would subject the Cadiz project to review and permitting by the State government, restoring safeguards.

Minimal Script: I calling from [zip code] and urge you to support SB 307 to stop Cadiz groundwater mining and protect our fragile, Mojave desert ecosystem. The Trump Administration gave the green light to the Cadiz project without ensuring the necessary environmental reviews were completed, and it’s California’s responsibility to do the right thing for our state’s desert ecosystems and protected national parks. Continue reading “Mon 3/25: YES on SB 307, Stop Cadiz Inc.! Email tonight, call first thing Tuesday morning!”