Mon 4/8: Free the Internet! Call your legislators.

Action – Call your legislators TUESDAY MORNING and make sure they’re voting “YES” on HR 1644 and S.682 – the “Save the Internet Act”. 


Despite more than 20 million public comments against the rollback, Trump’s FCC chair and misguided youtuber, Ajit Pai, a former Verizon attorney, rammed a repeal of the 2015 Open Internet Order through the FCC in December 2017. He lied that net-neutrality rules discouraged investment, leaving consumers with fewer options. Hahahaha! At the time of the FCC repeal, 83% of Americans including 75% of Republicans supported net neutrality rules. On Tuesday, April 9th, the US House of Representatives will vote on HR 1644 – “the Save the Internet Act” and then the Senate needs to pass S.682. If passed, this bill will enshrine net neutrality into law and we can see a lot less of Pai. First, do your part.

Minimal script for us lucky 4-for-4 people: I’m calling from [zip code] and I want to thank Rep./Sen. [___] for his/her support of HR 1644 (Rep)/ S.682 (Sen) “Save the Internet” Act, and please reject any amendments or motions to recommit that would weaken it!

  • Rep-check here. (Carbajal and Brownley are on board!)
  • Sen-check here. (Feinstein and Harris are cosponsors too!)

Here’s what you can do to make sure Congress knows everyone is watching:

Battleforthe is making it easy for the whole Internet to watch the vote and hold our government accountable.

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Fri – 12/7: Update: Protect Net Neutrality – Some Dems haven’t signed. If they’re yours, contact them now. Deadline this Monday – 12/10

You may be thinking…didn’t we just WIN the battle over net neutrality in California? Aren’t we good now? 
(We’re updating this post to add contact information for the constituents of Democratic Reps who haven’t signed the discharge petition.)

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CA roars! We’re taking back net neutrality with SB 822!

This wouldn’t be the first time that the state with the nation’s largest economy has set its own agenda. We have some of the strictest environmental standards and gun laws in the country.

Now we want to be in charge of our own internet requirements.

CA State Senator Scott Wiener just introduced SB 822 – the most comprehensive state-level net neutrality bill in the country. Although other states are working on their own bills, this is the first one that includes ALL of the net neutrality protections that the GOP-dominated Federal Communications Commission (FCC) stripped away from us.

In fact, it’s even stronger than the recently repealed rules.

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Tuesday – “The morning after” Edition – DACA, Net Neutrality for CA, & bumpstocks.

Good News… CHIP is finally funded for the next 6 years!

Bad news…

The DREAMERS, Community Health Centers Fund (CHCF) and disaster relief for Puerto Rico were not included in the joy.

Even worse news… DACA’s fate is now dependent on Mitch McConnell.

Show up for DACA! #DreamActNow

The administration saturated media and email with messages that Democrats put DACA above sick kids, despite the truth that they caused this havoc themselves by prioritizing battles over our healthcare and their tax-scam, running the clock out. But, like Trump himself, the truth seems to be the last thing people hear.

This article lays out the four ways this fight can go.

So now we go into action. A) Call – Scripts below. B) Tweet at them as well, C) Visit their offices, and D) Donate what we can to United We Dream to support the Dreamers who have been demonstrating, protesting, lobbying etc. in D.C. and will continue to do so.

Update on Feinstein’s stand here. Listing of all the Democrats who didn’t stand firm here.

Minimal Script for Senators: I am calling from [zip code] to tell Sen. [___] that we are  angry about the Senate Democrats’ failure to use their power to protect DACA. We want a clean DREAM vote, without any ineffectual and money-wasting sideshows like Trump’s wall or cruel anti-family measures.

Minimal script for Representatives: I’m calling from [zip code] to tell Rep. [__]  to support a clean DREAM Act and reject Trump’s demands to include massive, unnecessary spending on border security to the bill, especially his fever-dream of a wall.

More script for both if you need it: It is unfair and immoral to use the lives of hundreds of thousands of young DACA recipients as bargaining chips to score political gains.

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